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Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra
16100 Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan

English teachers at Faris :

1. Head of English Language Panel           : Pn. Azalina Mohd Yusoff
2. Head of Lower Secondary Panel            : Pn. Roziah Mohd Ali
3. Assistant Head of Panel                           : En. Kamarulzaman Idris
4. Panel Secretary                                         : Pn. Nik Fauziah Nik Abdullah
5. Panel Treasurer                                        : Pn. Hjh. Maizura Mahyudin
6. Member                                                      : Pn. Noor Hayati Che Ismail
7. Member                                                      : Pn. Yuniza Che Yaacob

Pn. Azalina Mohd Yusoff
Pn. Roziah Mohd Ali
Pn. Noor Hayati Che Ismail

Our Panel Motto :  T.E.A.M. ( Together Everyone Achieves More )

What we can share with you at the moment is a school based publication which we call

TOGETHER Updates                            
English is FUNdamental


F.E.L.T. Production
(Faris English Language Teachers’ Production)

Highlights :

Ø  Motivation
Ø  FUN with Idioms
Ø  TOGETHER Profiles
Ø  Selected Essays
Ø  Brain Boosters
Ø  Special Article
Ø  Jokes
Ø  Quotations
Ø  Etcetera

We started this publication in 2007 – monthly, with the intention of contributing something to the school as an English panel. It is normal for us teachers to help students with written publications but this one is somewhat different because the effort comes from the English teachers, particularly to share with all Farisians – students, teachers as well as non-academic staff.  We hope to trigger off the interest among all the Farisians and to include the FUN element in learning the language. Indirectly, we want to stress that learning English should not be for examination purposes.
        However, due to our tight schedule, now TOGETHER Updates has become a bimonthly publication. The materials that we include are basically  things that may interest anyone and everyone!

Perkongsian oleh:
Puan Azalina bt. Mohd Yusoff (GC Bahasa Inggeris)

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